Oxford Town And Gown

Any race event does not easily get to be rated as the best unless it actually deserves it. The Oxford Town and Gown race event has the title as being the best road race in the UK. This is a race that has many people all over the UK and the world coming to participate. The race gives its entrants a unique opportunity to run through the beautiful closed streets of the Oxford city center. The road is amazing since it has many prehistoric sites that might give you all the history needed to know more about the town. The race ends with some beautiful university parks.

Oxford Town and Gown race

Oxford Town and Gown race

The best part about this race is that the road favors everyone. This is not a hard race that will really leave you tired after running. It is a simple flat and scenic road. This event has been marked as the best for everyone as they are always represented in every aspect. If you want to take part as a new runner, there is the first time registration. Once you are registered, start the training immediately. As much as it is a great event for fun, people are always here to set their best times. Expect to run the same race with people who are quite experienced in running the races.

During the day of the main event, you need to come prepared with everything. Come with your own full gear that will keep you safe during the race. People are always advised to carry water to keep them hydrated during the racing event. Sharing such resources with another person might make them feel uncomfortable. Ensure that you keep your training in mind avoid any cases of injuries. Some people might finish the race with injuries simply because they overdid it. If you have the will to finish the race, always try to set your personal best times.

This race event attracts people from all age sets. You will find teens and even adults in the same race. It acts as a family event that brings people together all the time. If you are yet to participate in this event, it is about time to make it a reality. Signup as soon as possible to avoid being locked out from the main event.